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Founded in 1957 in Switzerland as a family owned enterprise, ZUMBACH has developed into one of the world leaders as a manufacturer of in-line measuring systems for industrial applications. Sophisticated yet hardened measurement and control solutions are offered to the wire and cable industry and to the plastics and rubber extrusion industries, as well as to steel mills and metalworking plants.

Today ZUMBACH counts more than 200 employees. It owns and operates 13 branch offices at strategic locations and works with agents in over 40 countries. A focus on the need of the market, coupled with a desire to succeed, are the main reasons of our steady growth.

ZUMBACH offers a career and many exciting opportunities for advancement and personal growth.

Important reasons why ZUMBACH has a low personnel turnover:

  • Friendly work environment, conducive to development of the individual, personal growth and positive contribution.
  • Job satisfaction through achievement and appreciation within a small team.
  • A continuous commitment to excellence of products and services.

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