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Zumbach Electronics is a Pioneer in on-line measuring, monitoring and control systems. Our commitment is to provide comprehensive solutions for industrial gauging, process control and production data acquisition with a high degree of accuracy and reliability.

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Revolutionary Rotational STEELMASTER SMR Measurement Systems.

Most probably the best measurement solution currently available on the market for hot and cold steel applications.

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Profile Measurement for Hot and Cold Steel and Metal Products

Solutions from ZUMBACH for in-line, non-contact measurement of hot rolled steel profiles of any shape and cold steel and metal profiles, rolled, drawn, extruded, etc.
Accurate In-Line Profile Measurement using Light Section Principle and Machine Vision The dimensions or even the complete cross-section of profiles and pipes made of metal, plastics or rubber must be continuously measured and monitored in the manufacturing process. The PROFILEMASTER® systems from Zumbach represent an accurate and economical solution to the problem. One or up to eight laser/camera modules measure the cross section of the moving profile.

Non-Contact In-line Dimension Measurement in the Steel and Metal Industry. Dependable Solutions for Hot Rolling and for Quality Control.

ZUMBACH systems in the steel and metal industry, used for manufacture of hot and cold rolled products and in cold processes for semi-finished products. Typical areas where Zumbach systems are used are hot rolling mills for wire steel rod, profiles and seamless pipes, for the manufacture of welded pipes, test stands (NDT) as well as all cold processes, like peeling, grinding, straightening, polishing, etc. In case of controllable processes, integrated closed-loop controllers can be utilized.

3D Filament In-Line Measurement Solution

Continuous, high precision diameter measurement of filaments with ZUMBACH's triple axis laser diameter gauge of the ODAC® series. Over 90'000 ODAC® measuring heads have been in use successfully for over 60 years. From international conglomerates to the small manufacturing company, ODAC® instruments are being used in multiple industries, contributing to their success. The ODAC® brand does not only represent non-contact dimensional measurement, but also unusual insensitivity to dirt, the highest precision, and a compact design.
Data aquisition, processing and display is performed in real time by an universal processor unit of the well known USYS family from ZUMBACH Electronics.

QC Bar Measurement & Data Recording ODAC-USYS

ODAC® – Laser Diameter & Dimension Measuring Gauges
Highest accuracy, robustness, reliability and functionality distinguish all the laser measuring heads from ZUMBACH. Known for precision, quality and ease of use the laser measuring heads are among the best of their class. The technological basis considered for these measuring heads is always of the latest cutting edge technology combined with intelligent and powerful measured value processors which facilitate a simple and flexible integration. Our long-standing experience as a pioneer of in-line measuring technology, combined with high production figures result in a product with an excellent price-performance ratio.

USYS – Universal Data Acquisition, Processing & Display Systems
The USYS processors are available with special "Bar" Software. This feature makes it suitable for non-continuous processes such as Test Lines (NDT) for steel and metal rod and bar, for tube and pipe, and for peeling and centerless grinding of steel rod and bar. The family of ODAC® laser diameter measuring heads allows an optimal measurement of diameter or ovality according to choice. Depending on the kind of process a controller can be used e.g. for automatic compensation of wear etc. The start and end of a bar can be suppressed and the setting is adjustable. The measuring statistics can be applied to individual bars.