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2014 - 08 - 06

Powered to Perform
Spark Tester: Ensure The Quality of Cable Jackets And Insulations

The new Spark Tester generation accurately maintains test voltage under any condition including highest capacitive loads.
2014 - 02 - 03

All Eyes on Your Process 6000 Times Per Second
Revolutionary, rotating hot and cold steel measurement

The STEELMASTER SMR laser rotation technology is destined to raise quality and save raw materials
2014 - 01- 06

Stray Light Stays Out
KW TRIO: The Next Generation in Lump and Neckdown Detection

KW TRIO’s pulsing light source and automatic ambient light adjustment guarantee the best detection performance – even for the smallest faults
2013 - 03 - 04

Intelligent Measurement Solutions ...
MSD - Diameter and Ovality Measuring Heads with Multi-Source Device Technology.

MSD gauges measure diameter, ovality and recognizes lumps and neckdowns in continuous processes, bringing you the "Plus" quality you have been waiting for.