DIAROND - Solutions

System Components

A DIAROND system consists basically of:

  • ODAC® TRIO Measuring Head
    Model ODAC® 33TRIO: for products up to approx. 30 mm (1.18 in.); model ODAC® 63TRIO up to approx. 60 mm (2.36 in.).
    For larger diameters up to 500mm (20 in.) 3 separate ODAC® heads will be used.

  • USYS IPC Processor
    With STEELMASTER software; EPM and RON functions activated.
    Screen, keyboard and mouse can be supplied by the customer.

  • Depending on the case: a rotary or oscillating device

Key Data

Measurement frequency
Standard 3 x 600/s (option = 3 x 1500/s)

0.1 μm (.000004 in.)

From +/- 0.1 μm (.000004 in.)

From +/- 1 μm (.000004 in.) +/- 0.08 ‰ per mm (per .04 in.)

Accuracy for roundness
ODAC 33TRIO (typically); dynamic on oscillating device: ≤ 5μm (.002 in.)
ODAC 63TRIO (typically); dynamic on oscillating device: ≤ 8μm (.003 in.)

* For diameter values only.

Typical Applications