DVW / DVO - Solutions

Typical product shapes and measured dimensions

Measurable with single axis heads

Measurable with X/Y heads

Typical Applications

Main Data

Data acquisition and display units

WIREMASTER, USYS 20, 200, IPC 1e/2e


CI 1J/EN-RS, -DP, -EN, -PN, -EI

Measuring heads

Single axis heads: ODAC® 60, 100
Dual axis heads: ODAC® 18XY-J, 34XY-J

Cycle time

1...5 seconds

Selectable oscillation angles

+/- 2.5°, +/- 5°, +/- 7.5°, +/- 10° (operating settings)

Power supply

24 VDC (supplied by the processor)