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LSV - Solutions

Laser Surface Velocimeters

Reliable measuring on almost any solid surface:

  • Carbon steel
  • Shiny aluminum
  • Oily sheets
  • Wire and cable
  • Paper, cardboard, tissue


Cut-to-length Control
Cut to length in hot and cold environments, flying saws, extruders, and much more

Differential Speed Measurement
Elongation/speed ratio measurement on strip skin pass and temper mills, tension and leveling lines, mass flow

Part Length Measurement
Goods in pieces like gypsum and paper board, timber, metal sheets

Speed Synchronization
Slippage detection, synchronization of casters, lamination processes

Spool Length
Cable, wire, fiber, woven and non-woven fabrics, corrugated paper, foils

Encoder Calibration
Calibration of encoder equipment on process lines

Speed Measurement and Speed Control
Speed measurement in cold and hot rolling mills

Ink-jet Marker Control
Length marking on continuous goods in testing facilities


Connection Box

The connection Box is completely wired for instant operation and contains a full terminal block, a universal power supply and a LAN connector.

Mobility Kit

Small light-weight power adaptor and interface for mobile measurement. Direct connection of LSV 1000/2000 to notebook possible.

Cooling Plate

The cooling plate keeps the sensor in its operational temperature range, even under hot ambient conditions.

Further accessories on request



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