STEELMASTER Hot Processes - Overview

Non-Contact, Dimensional Measurement Systems for In-line and Off-line use, and for monitoring processes and difficult conditions. Steel Industry, Metals, Glass, Chemical Industry.

Typical Measurements for Temperatures up to 1200°C (2192° F)

Hot rolled billets:
  • Steel bars
  • Steel rod
  • Steel profiles
  • Rebar
  • Seamless pipe
  • Continuous casting / rolling
  • Forging (also Off-Line)
  • Extrusion of steel, Lead, Aluminium, Alloys
  • Glass: casting/drawing


  • Dimensions continuously in control
  • Faster start-ups, less scrap
  • Instant recognition of anomalies
  • Trend display Statistics, SPS charts
  • 100% quality control
  • Documented quality

Measuring systems for Hot Processes basically consist of the following elements:

  • Multiple ODAC® laser measuring heads
  • Protection unit for measuring heads
  • Cooling systems water and/or air
  • USYS PC data processing and display unit
  • Filter/blower unit for air purging of laser openings
  • Remote displays and giant displays
  • Mobility hardware

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