Appliance / assignment Model Description Date Size Download
UMAC® WALLMASTER Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Measuring and Control Systems for Extruded Pipe, Tubing, Hose, Cable Feb 25, 2013 1,1MB Download
UMAC® WALLSTARTER Economic Processor Solution for UMAC® Ultrasonic Eccentricity & Wall Thickness Measurement Systems Feb 04, 2013 393KB Download
UMAC® UMAC®-WALLMASTER ID / OD / WALL Measuring and Control Systems for Plastic Tubing Feb 03, 2013 1,6MB Download
UMAC® UMAC®-WALLMASTER OD / ID / WALL Measuring and Control Systems for Pipe Feb 03, 2013 1,5MB Download
Peripherals DIACAL 8000 Precise Measurement of the Geometry of Cable Jacket and Insulation with Automatic Calibration of the Ultrasonic Measurement. Feb 03, 2013 79KB Download


Appliance / assignment Model Description Article ID Date Size Download