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ECOGAUGE Hot Processes - Solutions

Various, difficult to measure processes and high temperature applications
When the surface is not solid but liquid or flowing and when there are reflections or strands as well as at temperatures up to 2000ºC (3632ºF), e.g. processes for quartz glass.
For special cases with high levels of grime or high radiant energy large separation distances between the emitter and receiver are avalilable for selection.

Detection and measurement of under or overfill
When mounted after or between the rolling stands the system instantly recognises, measures and alarms sudden changes in dimension.
The orientation of the measuring head depends on the critical dimension that is to be measured. Usually the head is mounted horizontally or vertically.
Even very short or sudden changes of dimension e.g. overfill at the end of bars, will be detected.


Measurement in the conveyor, sideways transport, exit of rolling mills, etc.
The ECOGAUGE can be mounted in many different positions in a rolling mill for bar and pipe.

A few examples are:

  • In the conveyor for bar and pipe products
  • During sideways transport
  • At the exit of the pilger mill
  • At the exit of the forging machine
  • After the run-out, for final control, sorting, etc.


Measuring position between stands
The ECOGAUGE can be positioned between or after the stands thanks to its compact and robust design. The width (W) or height of the product can therefore be measured continuously. This allows the process to be finely tuned with better speed control. In some circumstances "Loops" can be saved and room savings made.


Where access to the product is restricted
Even where machine parts, guides, etc. restrict access to the product ECOGAUGE can still be installed. The only condition that has to be fulfilled is that the product is visible over a length of 10 mm (.4in.). The emitter and receiver can be positioned on tailor-made supports outside the area restricted by the various objects.

Technical Specifications

Measuring Head Model
ODAC® 160: 160 mm (6.3 in.)
ODAC® 310: 310 mm (12.2 in.)
ODAC® 550: 550 mm (21.7 in.)

Smallest product diameter
ODAC® 160: 0.5 mm (.02 in.)
ODAC® 310: 1 mm (.04 in.)
ODAC® 550: 1.5 mm (.06 in.)

Repeatability * (Averaging time)
ODAC® 160: +/- 1.0 µm (.00004 in.), 0.1 s
+/- 0.5 µm (.00002 in.), 1 s
ODAC® 310: +/- 4 µm (.00016 in.), 0.1 s
+/- 2 µm (.00008 in.), 1 s
ODAC® 310: +/- 6 µm (.00023 in.), 0.1 s
+/- 3 µm (.00012 in.), 1 s

Scanning frequency
ODAC® 160: 1000 scans/s (opcional 2000)
ODAC® 310: 1000 scans/s (opcional 2000)
ODAC® 550: 1000 scans/s (opcional 2000)

Light source
ODAC® 160: VLD (Visible Laser Diode)
ODAC® 310: HeNe laser
ODAC® 550: HeNe laser

Laser class
ODAC® 160: 2
ODAC® 310: 2
ODAC® 550: 2

Type of protection
ODAC® 160: IP 65
ODAC® 310: IP 65
ODAC® 550: IP 65

* Valeur entre ± 3 Sigma (99.7%)/U95. Ces données sont atteints sous conditions de laboratoire. Répartitions instables de l' air dans la zone de mesure (par exemple par chaleur ascendante), peuvent affecter ces données de répétabilité.





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