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Dimension Measurement In-Line and Off-Line

Continuous and precise laser measurement with ZUMBACH ODAC® and STEELMASTER systems. Higher accuracy and tighter tolerances: 1/2 DIN,1/4 DIN...

Over one thousand ODAC® diameter systems have been sold to the Steel and Metal Industry. These units are operating successfully in hot and cold processes. Thanks to the use of new and innovative technologies, more and more measuring systems from ZUMBACH are in use in hot rolling applications. These units comprise ODAC® laser scanners, USYS processors and STEELMASTER software.

Typical processes and materials where ZUMBACH systems clearly improve dimensional stability and productivity:

  • Steel, Carbon and Specialty Steel
  • Titanium, Tungsten, Alloys
  • Copper, Aluminum, Nonferrous Metals

Screen rod mill

Rod and Bar Mills

  • Rod mill (round, hexagonal)
  • Rebar
  • Bar mill (round, square, hexagonal, flat etc.)
  • Forging mill
  • Copper rod
  • Inspection (Non Destructive Testing)
  • Off-Line sample measurement

Diameter measurement in a pilger mill

Pipe and Tube Mills

  • Seamless pipe and tube, piercer stretch reducer, sizer, extrusion, pilger
  • Longitudinal welded pipe (ERW)
  • Spiral welded tube
  • Width measurement of hot or cold rolled strip
  • Raw material

Diameter measurement centerless grinding

Cold Processes

  • Bar turning
  • Centerless grinding
  • Drawing
  • Cold rolling
  • Extruding
  • Pilger mills
  • ERW welded tube
  • Straightening
  • Polishing
  • Inspection (NDT)
  • Wire drawing





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