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BENDCHECK - Overview



In-Line Straightness measurement of Bars and Pipes

This non-contact measuring solution opens tremendous potential to tube and bar manufacturers for in-line quality assurance and is achieved without laborious, manual measurements.

Many manufacturers of pipe and steel bar are constantly challenged to respect straightness specifications that are significant criteria's of quality. Manual inspection stations are offering only punctual checks without having the entire production under control.

ZUMBACH's BENDCHECK system is installed in-line and measures the straightness of every single product passing through the measuring station without slowing down the production process.


  • Synchronous real-time scan to monitor bending of the product
  • Optional head and tail bending with additional measuring stations
  • 1-, 2- or 3-axis laser measuring stations available depending on product and application
  • Direct integration into the production process (customer specific installation)
  • Quality assurance after the straightening process; Important to the steel industry
  • Collection of statistics for traceability reasons
  • No time-consuming and laborious checks with manual tools or off-line stations


The relevant measurements such as bending, bend angle, diameter and ovality (optionally head and tail bending) are visible at a glance. The USYS BARMASTER can collect statistical information of each piece, but also collect complete lot statistics.

Operation is menu-driven via a separate touch screen with a clearly arranged and easy-to-use user interface for the entry/selection of the parameters. The measured values are displayed both numerically and graphically.

The USYS BARMASTER is offering modern communication interfaces such as Ethernet and OPC UA. With the embedded Web Server option a USYS can be addressed over a local area network (LAN, Intranet) via an Ethernet port, using a browser like Internet Explorer or similar.






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