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CAPAC® / FFT / SRL - Overview

The measurement is based on the unique and patented principle of the "active measuring tube". This system offers outstanding accuracy and stability. The measurement is not influenced by the water quality (pH value, etc.) or the line speed.

Ultra Short, Low Noise

Measuring Tubes For Minicoax, Coax and LAN Cables.

Advantages with a single 10 mm measuring segment :

  • High length resolution with low noise level
  • FFT analysis and SRL prediction up to 6 GHz
  • 600 Hz bandwidth of measuring system
  • High absolute accuracy
  • Compact and robust design

Your Advantage:

  • Communication with host computers.
  • Statistical monitoring and documentation.
  • Distance between sensor and processor up to 200 m (656ft)

Important Features:

  • Precise continuous measurement of the capacitance of singles and cables.
  • "Pinhole" function. Detection of pores and tears in the insulation.
  • Direct connection of FFT Master (FFT/SRL).





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