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CELLMASTER® - Overview

A combination of all possible sensors offers seamless measurement, monitoring of the process, and control for practically all production lines in the most diverse industries.

Multi-Sensor Data Acquisition / Control and Display System.

These 3-loop systems measure, monitor, and control simultaneously in real time diameter, capacitance, and degree of blow off. CELLMASTER® controls "foam" and "foam skin" as well as solid insulation. If needed, a "hot-cold" control for capacitance and/or diameter is also available.

Your Advantage

  • Faster start-ups
  • Tighter tolerances
  • Simplified pairing / quadding
  • Uniform and documented quality (SPC / SQC)

Important Features

  • Easy operation
  • Sophisticated software and 3 static regulating units for screw rpm or line speed, position of telescopic cooling trough / quench point, and temperature of the heat zone(s)
  • Retrofit onto existing lines without problem
  • Total communication with host or PLC, thanks to comprehensive protocol
  • Available as OEM version






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