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CELLMASTER® - Solutions


These 3-loop systems measure, monitor, and control simultaneously in real time diameter, capacitance, and degree of blow off. CELLMASTERĀ® controls "foam" and "foam skin" as well as solid insulation. If needed, a "hot-cold" control for capacitance and/or diameter is also available.

Up to 8 sensors may be connected for dimensions as well as additional sensors for faults, events, line speed, etc. It is also possible to connect KW - lump and neckdown detectors, spark testers and a length detector.

CELLMASTER® applications for foam extrusion allow the connection of up to 3 ODACĀ® diameter measuring heads and up to 2 CAPAC® capacitance sensors which can be used together with the diameter measuring head.


"Hot - Cold" Control

ZUMBACH® system with one measuring head each at the beginning and at the end of the cooling trough use SIGMA-EXPERT control software in order to compensate automatically for the shrinkage from "hot" to "cold" diameter. This function can be used individually or in combination with diameter and capacitance sensors for compensation of the "hot-cold" variations (control of expansion).

SIGMA-EXPERT Controller and CpK-Pilot

Intelligent, self-adapting system for dynamic control. With CpK-Pilot the target value will automatically be optimized to be set at the lower specification limit, resulting from statistical computations. This translates into material savings.

Typical sensors for CELLMASTER® systems:

ODAC® for diameter

ODEX® for eccentricity

KW for lump and neckdown

CAPAC® for capacitance

Spark tester for cable insulations





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