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Multi-Sensor Data Acquisition / Control and Display System

During all manufacturing phases from wire drawing to single insulation, cabling, jacket extrusion, CV-lines, in jacketing and coating processes, etc.

ZUMBACH® systems result in considerable quality improvements and material savings. Such universal multi-tasking systems (USYS based) from ZUMBACH, like JACKETMASTER allow the connection of sensors for diameter, wall thickness, eccentricity, capacitance and spark testing, etc.

JACKETMASTER systems are mainly used in single extrusion lines and jacket extrusion installations.

The connection of up to 6 ODAC® measuring heads allows for any kind of measurement and control of the diameter as well as the computation and control of the mean wall thickness.

Connection of a ODEX® measuring head can add the capability to measure eccentricity / concentricity.

Important Features

  • Easy operation
  • Sophisticated software and 3 static regulating units for screw rpm or line speed, position of telescopic cooling trough / quench point, and temperature of the heat zone(s)
  • Retrofit onto existing lines without problem
  • Total communication with host or PLC, thanks to comprehensive protocol
  • Available as OEM version






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