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KW - Overview

Your demands for a reliable and flawless detection of extrusion faults and surface defects are ever increasing. This applies to extrusion, jacketing, enameling, drawing, and many other areas. For this reason the use of optical fault detectors ("lump detectors") is very popular. These photometric detectors are able to detect small lumps, neckdowns, and other defects on wires, cable, tubing etc., without being influenced by product parameters, line speed, vibration etc.

KW Fault Detectors - Fault Detection

Highest Detection Accuracy Thanks to Unique 3-Axis Scanning Technique

KW 13TRIO / KW 33TRIO (3 axis)

  • A unique measuring principle and complex optics solution, ensure immunity to stray and intense light whilst providing the highest detection accuracy and identification of lumps and neckdowns in the micrometer range.
  • Fully digit signal processing DSP
  • Very compact design

  • Illuminated graphic module to display values and messages
  • Red, yellow and green tolerance indicators for signalling operating states
  • Keyboard with function keys and numeric keypad for manual instrument setting
  • Fixation at the operator station by means of the included wall mounting bracket (swivelling)

Important features

  • 3 times higher detection reliability (TRIO models) than conventional 2 axis systems
  • Theoretically unlimited life expectancy
  • Non-sensitive to stray light
  • Flexible mounting concept
  • Integrated air curtains for cleanliness of windows
  • Defect classification and printout
  • All data ports like RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 as well as analog and PROFIBUS DP are available.

Flexible Installation

The sensor can be installed in any position, standing up, suspended in up-side-down position, horizontally etc. A mobile compact control and display unit can be installed in a flexible manner, as needed.

  • On rotating fixture, mounted directly to the measuring head
  • On the wall, mountable up to 100 m (328 ft.) away
  • As a front panel component
  • Integrated into existing electrical panels
  • As module of 19 in. standard enclosure

Main Data:



Light Source:

Visible LED

Max Diameter:

Approx. 30 mm (1.18 in.)

Max Line Speed:

3000 m/min (9850 ft/min)





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