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MSD - Overview

MSD* Diameter and Ovality Measuring Heads

A Novel Kind of Diameter Measurement Based on "Multi-Source Device" Technology

With the MSD diameter gauges, ZUMBACH® introduces a new series of measuring heads for on-line diameter and ovality measurement and control. This new line complements the high-precision laser diameter measuring heads of the ODAC® series. The MSD models achieve their ideal efficiency in terms of price and performance specifically for applications in the cable and plastics industry.

The experience of 55 years with on-line and off-line measurement and control technology has led to a product characterised by the most current and sophisticated technology and functionality as well as by the well-known ZUMBACH® accuracy and reliability.

* = Multi-Source-Device

Special Features

  • Cost-effective measurement solutions thanks to an ideal ratio between technology, performance and application
  • LEDs of different colours provide the lighting of the axes. There is then no interference between measurement axes, even with simultaneous measurement – and not even with reflective products
  • Built-in external light filters to prevent ambient light affecting the measurement
  • Active redundant measurement by means of up to 8 LED sources
  • KW function (detection of surface defects)
  • Robust, as is everything manufactured by ZUMBACH®


The MSD models are suitable everywhere and can be used in all cable manufacturing lines for measuring all kinds of wires and cables. They are indispensable tools in tube and hose extrusion lines for measuring pressure, waste water, heating tubes, etc. as well as all kinds of hoses. MSD devices can also contribute to quality monitoring for cold applications in the steel and metal industry.

Measuring Principle

The measuring principle is based on the latest CCD technology with several point-like LEDs as light sources. The shadow of the object to be measured, originating from the various light sources, is projected on a line sensor. The line sensor calculates the position of the shadow, thus resulting in different measuring points. These points generate four fictitious shadow lines, which define a square enclosing the object to be measured.

Thanks to the new and unique ZUMBACH® concept of up to 8 light sources (models MSD 100 & MSD 200), multiple shadows on each axis can be evaluated (1 shadow = 1 axis). This allows a multi-axis measurement of smaller products (pat. pend.).

Number of measuring axis
Number of LED sources Measuring field M** Min. object diameter

MSD 50
ø 50 mm (2 in.)
0.5 mm (.02 in.)

MSD 100
2 (4*)
100x100 mm (4x4 in.)
1 mm (.04 in.)

MSD 200
2 (4*)
200x200 mm (8x8 in.)
2 mm (.08 in.)





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