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ODAC - Fiber Optics - Overview

Accurate Diameter and Position Monitoring for Optical Fiber Drawing processes

ZUMBACH's advanced laser gauge ODAC® 18XY combined with the analog interface AI 4-ODAC®, represents an ideal solution to these problems.

  • Scan rate and accuracy are extremely high.
  • The position measurement in X and Y is precise and linear.
  • The vibration frequency can be determined thanks to the high X-Y scan rate and processing speed.
  • The analog outputs for diameter and position have a high resolution (16 bit) and a high update rate (120/s). (To date, most available equipment has resolutions of 12 bit and update rates between 10 and 60/s).


Measurement After Coating

The same package (ODAC® 18XY with AI 4-ODAC®) can be used after the coating stations where position monitoring is normally not required.

Local display and control unit LOC 01 (Option)

This LOC 01 unit is mounted directly on the measuring head. Only for RS and DP versions.

Laser diameter gauge with integrated processors

This generation of laser diameter measuring heads is available as an "RS" or a "DP" version with integrated CPU, in addition to the traditional "J" version. The RS and DP versions can communicate with a host computer via the RS interface or PROFIBUS DP.

The built-in processor allows the raw measuring data to be filtered as well as for the preparation of statistics and a choice of parameters and many additional functions. Over a separate RS service interface the parameters for the measuring data processing can be checked or optimized for specific applications.

Ultra fast diameter gauges with integrated fault detection

These new series offer high-precision, non-contact laser diameter measurement with extremely high scan rates and an integrated fault detection function.

Thanks to the ultra high scan rates and single scan function, these scanners are, in addition to the standard diameter measurement, especially suited for efficient fault detection (lumps/neckdowns) for cables with bigger diameters at a medium line speeds. Therefore, a separate and conventional fault detector becomes needless for such applications.

Outstanding advantages

  • Double or even higher scan rates than before, i.e. more measurements per time unit
  • Maximum fault detection (lumps/neckdowns) at increased line speeds
  • FFT / SRL analysis with higher bandwidths

ODAC®-EN models with direct TCP/IP communication

With this feature it is now possible to communicate directly and extremely fast over any existing ETHERNET TCP/IP network, using ODAC MANAGER or the likes. Just plug it in (like a PC) and communicate!

ODAC® TRIO model

This fully new concept with 3 axes measures simultaneously in the same plane and offers many advantages over conventional 2-axis (X/Y) heads:

  • Detects and measures ovality at any shape, any product orientation (angle).
  • Measures more accurately mean diameter (and circumference).
  • Works also as fault (lump) detector

For precision tubes, such as medical, automotive, optical fibre cables etc. these features are essential!

Two Axis Measuring Heads (Dual axis diameter measurement )

Measuring Field
Minimum Product Diameter

.12 X .12 (3 X 3)
.0006 (0.015)

.64 X .64 (16 X 16)
.0016 (0.04)

.71 X .71 (18 X 18)
.0024 (0.06)

1.34 X 1.34 (34 X 34)
.006 (0.15)

Three Axis Measuring Heads

Measuring Field
Minimum Product Diameter

3 x 1.34 (34)
.006 (0.15)

inch (mm)

* These versions are also available with serial interface (RS), with PROFIBUS DP interface and with EN (Ethernet).





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