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Measuring Principle

One or multiple lasers (depending on the number of modules) project a visible laser contour on or around the product and this is then registered by a similar number of CCD cameras (light section principle).

Measuring Functions

Most geometrical data of a profile can be collected and monitored on an operator-friendly graphic display during production.

Vernier Calipers Measurements

  • Calipers

Angle Measurement

  • Angle between two lines

Measurement of distance

  • Distance between: two points, point and line, point and arc, arc and line, two arcs, two lines

Arc Measurement

  • Radius of arc

Application Examples

PROFILEMASTER® SPS 300-N4 at ASCOM√ČTAL, France. The system is equipped with 4 laser / camera modules and measures the complete profile of round and square billets. (Colour of the housing = standard colour)

PROFILEMASTER® SPS 140-N4 at Wuppermann Metalltechnik GmbH and Wuppermann Austria GmbH, Austria. Round and special shaped profiles are measured with 4 laser / camera modules directly in the production process. (Colour of the housing = customer specific)

PROFILEMASTER® PMM 140-4K-JV2 Measurement of door or window profiles.

PROFILEMASTER® PMM 80-4K Measurement of different shapes of drawn steel profiles.

Technical Specifications

Measuring units

Measuring field*
Till 300 mm (11.8 in.) (bigger on request)

Measuring principle
Light section (Laser triangulation)

Light source
Laser diode red, class 3R

CCD matrix

Measuring accuracy
+/- 0.02...0.1 % of the measuring field size**

+/- 0.005...0.01 mm2) (.0002 ... .0004 in.)

Protection class of the Laser / camera modules:
IP 65


Operating system
Windows® XP embedded

Via Ethernet

Compact version
19" case 510 x 500 x 210 mm (4 HU3))(20.1 x 19.68 x 8.26 in.)

Standard version
Armario 19", 610 x 645 x 1790 mm (32 UA 3))

8 digital inputs

8 digital outputs or 4 digital inputs + 4 relay outputs

Power supply
115/230 V~, 50/60 Hz, 300 VA

Extra CAD 4 software to create the DXF file Directly on the PROFILEMASTER® PC



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