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RAYEX® - Overview


RAYEX® systems are available as "Dynamic" RAYEX® D and "Static" RAYEX® S models.

The dynamic RAYEX® D is a low energy X-ray and high speed scanning system for the measurement of wall thickness, eccentricity, diameter and ovality of multilayer (up to 3 layers) or single layer products in CV lines or others. RAYEX® D is based on the worlds first system which was able to measure all relevant cable parameters from outside the tube looking through beryllium windows.

The static RAYEX® S is a fully new X-ray system based on latest technology and made with top quality. Unconventional solutions reunited in unique advantages, flexibility and high measurement performance: Easy and reliable operation, High accuracy, Longevity, especially of X-ray sources, Easy maintenance and service, High safety level. The systems measures at 4 wall thickness points, 2 diameters, ovality with 2 X-ray sources under 90˚ to each other. There are no moving parts and no water cooling is necessary.

Your Advantages:

  • Shorter start-up times
  • Considerable material savings
  • Increased throughput
  • "Process transparency" at all times
  • Short payback
  • Seamless QC documentation

Important Features:

  • Measures thin semi-conductor and insulation layers down to 0.3 mm (.012 in.)
  • Simultaneous and uninterrupted scanning in X and Y directions with highest precision
  • High scan rate and screen update (every 1...3 s)
  • Multi-colored, easy to understand display
  • Automatic control, thanks to short measuring intervals
  • High resolution and accuracy, thanks to "Micro Focus" beam and UMX x-ray source.


The radiation intensity is far below all international limitation standards and, therefore, does not represent a safety problem.

Accuracy Check

Thanks to a special verification system, function and repeatability can be tested and proven any time.

Typical Display Screens

Cross-section of single-layer cables, e.g.:

  • Foamed coax cables
  • CATV-antenna feeder cables

Cross-section of Multi-layer Cables, e.g.:

  • Medium Voltage
  • High Voltage
  • Special cables

Cross-section of Pipes, e.g.:

  • Foam core multi-layer pipes
  • Multi-layer hose





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