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USYS - CI 1J - Overview

Data Acquisition / Data Processing and Display Systems (Processing Units)

Total In-Line Quality Control

ZUMBACH® has the solution for all quality parameters which have to be monitored and/or controlled on line. USYS multi-tasking systems process measurement data from a variety of sensors and communicate with the user as well as other host computers. USYS processors also control extrusion lines or other manufacturing lines with intelligent self-adapting controllers, like for instance, SIGMA-EXPERT and CpK-Pilot. All quality parameters can be displayed.

USYS processors are known to be masters at multi-tasking.

Important features:

  • Very easy to operate
  • Fast
  • Electrically stable and mechanically robust
  • System protected from data loss or crashes
  • Flexible configuration possible

Depending on version, USYS fulfills a number of tasks, e.g.:

  • Graphic/numerical display of all quality parameters
  • Tolerance alarms
  • Large product library
  • Summaries of all kind
  • Complete graphics, trends, SPC charts etc.
  • SIGMA-EXPERT control and CpK-Pilot.


  • Total quality control
  • Faster start-ups
  • Increased throughput - less scrap
  • Material savings
  • Higher productivity
  • Tighter Specifications
  • Improved end product
  • Better quality image

Typical Screens

Communication and Networking

Today, the ability of sensors or processors to communicate with other computers or networks is essential. ZUMBACH® offers a variety of interface units and USYS software to satisfy almost any need and concept.

CI 1J/EN-XX Interface Boxes

Wherever a sensor has to communicate directly with a PC or PLC, ZUMBACH® offers compact boxes with the necessary data ports, like RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, PROFIBUS DP.

Many ZUMBACH® sensors are also equipped with integrated processors and respective data ports.

USYS Report Manager

USYS Report Manager is an optional software application that enables the electronic acquisition of reports (pieces, lots, SPC, product etc.) from USYS 200, 2100 or USYS IPC processors. It is thus an addition or alternative to a printer.

USYS Data Log

WindowsTM based software for easy data collection from one or several ZUMBACH® processors and for saving the data in text or ExcelTM files.

TM Windows and Excel are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation

USYS Web Server

This optional software enables the display of information from USYS processors at remote terminals. Communicates via LAN. Viewing with an Internet Explorer or other.





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