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In-Line Diameter Monitoring Systems from ZUMBACH for Wire Drawing and Similar Processes.

WIREMASTER stands for an extremely compact and economic display and monitoring system, which has been developed specifically for wire drawing and similar applications. The electronic unit with display is contained in a robust aluminium box. In conjunction with the appropriate measuring heads of the ODAC® series, ZUMBACH® offers ideal systems for monitoring of diameter, ovality, wire breaks etc. All important values can be evaluated statistically. Multiple WIREMASTER units can be linked through serial connections and connected to a host computer.

Computer Networking

WIREMASTER can be networked easily through the serial port (RS-232, -422
or -485).


  • Economic
  • Compact
  • Diameter and Ovality Display
  • Single and dual (XY) plane measurement
  • Top accuracy
  • EVS software (Electronic Vibration Suppression)

Main Features

  • Concise 6-digit LED-display
  • LED-bar display for graphic indication of ovality etc.
  • Statistic function
  • 5 Tolerance limits with independent points
  • Analog and relay outputs
  • Lenght detector input (acquisition of length data)
  • Digital inputs (control of statistical functions)
  • Serial interface for printer or computer networking
  • Easy operation





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