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Overview Documentation

WST TEMPMASTER Wire Preheaters - Overview

Excellence in Inductive Wire Preheating: Extrusion lines producing communication wire require optimum and repeatable conditions in order to produce valuable product at the highest speeds. Inductive preheating is clean and reliable. The adhesion is improved, humidity and other residues are removed from the conductor of data transmission cables. Many insulating materials can not be extruded successfully without preheating of the conductor. Cellular insulating materials require a uniform conductor temperature in order to produce a uniform cell structure and accurate electrical properties.

Your Advantage:

  • Better product quality
  • Shorter start-up times
  • Less scrap
  • Higher line speed

Important Features:

  • Appropriate preheater for any application
  • Micro processor based
  • Display of all relevant data
  • Temperature measurement and control
  • Automatic selection of tap for maximum power
  • Self-diagnostic system assures optimum performance
  • Automatic ambient temperature compensation


Main Benefits of Wire Preheating:

  • Better product quality and improved consistency
  • Dielectric properties of the insulation material are more uniform and the process conditions are reproducible
  • Improved cell structure for foamed and foam skin insulating material
  • Higher line speeds are possible thanks to lower stress within the insulation material
  • Shorter start-up times
  • Control of the bonding of the insulation material to the conductor
  • Uniform conductor temperature maintained even during ramping phases
  • The aging characteristics of the insulation are improved substantially through better uniformity
  • Oil and water residues on the conductor surface are cleaned away by evaporation
Preheater On-Line With Other ZUMBACH® Measuring Instruments

All ZUMBACH® preheaters can easily be integrated into existing lines. Existing data ports allow networking with host systems and can be configured for "multi-drop" applications. Numerous other ZUMBACH® measuring instruments offer comprehensive solutions for process monitoring and automatic optimization.


Main data


Power: 8.5 kW
Diameter Range: 14..28 AWG (0.32..1.63mm)
Line Speeds: 120..4255 ft/min (37..1300 m/min)





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