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USA Headquarters

North American Headquarters

Zumbach has served the U.S. market since 1970, beginning with sales of eccentricity and wall-thickness monitors. In 1976, Zumbach Electronics Corp. was founded to better serve the North American market. Its first sales support center was established in Elmsford, New York. In 1983, Zumbach Electronics Corp. moved into a modern 16,500-square-foot facility in Mount Kisco, New York. The U.S. division serves a wide range of industrial clients in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central America.


Sede principal nos Estados Unidos
Zumbach Electronics Corp.

Serving the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central & South America, and The Dominican Republic
140 Kisco Avenue
Mount Kisco NY 10549-1407

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Expert Service and Support

Customer support is an important part of ZUMBACH’s offering. Ever increasing demands on documented quality, product uniformity and material savings are bringing on-line instrumentation, data acquisition and process control systems into the focus of management. Many production lines are equipped with sophisticated solutions from Zumbach and will no longer be operated without these systems . Today, we emphasize customer support in our partnership with our customers.

Our North American Headquarter is located in Mount Kisco New York. From this 16,500 square foot location, we coordinate our Customer Support Teams and operate our call center. Most of our customer support engineers have been with the company for 15 and more years. When not traveling, they support our customers on the phone. Our customer support team has access to our engineering team, located here in Mount Kisco, as well, to answer any questions our customers might have.

In addition to the customer support team, we have an house service team dedicated to servicing of systems that are being sent in for repairs and spare parts customers might order. We pride our selfs in our ability to repair all of our systems in New York, keeping the repair turn around time to a minimum or delivering spare parts right from our ware house.

In addition to Mount Kisco New York location, we have have customer support engineers located in Indianapolis – Indiana, Las Vegas -Nevada and San Luis Potosi – Mexico.


Tel: 914-241-7080 Extension 1
Email: sales@zumbach.com
Fax: 914-241-7096

Sales Administration:

Tel: 914-241-7080 Extension 2
Email: sales@zumbach.com
Fax: 914-241-7096


Tel: 914-241-7080 Extension 3
Email: service@zumbach.com
Fax: 914-241-2305

Key Personnel - USA

Zumbach Management

Sven A. Naegeli, V.P. / General Manager
Keith F. Donahue, Vice President Sales
Sigrid G. Fuchs, Controller

Zumbach Sales

Keith F. Donahue, Vice President Sales
Jorge Lage, Sales Manager Latin America

Zumbach Service and Customer Support

Daniel Cueni, Technical Services manager / In-house repairs
Leonard Galish, Manufacturing / Quality Manager

Area Sales Offices

Mid Western States
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Jason Garrison
Tel.: 914-924-7203

Southeastern States
Charlotte, North Carolina

Timothy Moore
Tel.: 914-924-7210

Western States
California Office

Keith F. Donahue
Tel.: 914-924-7204

Representation in USA, Canada, Central & South America, and The Dominican Republic





Service in North America including Mexico, Part of Middle America, and The Dominican Republic


Zumbach Electronics Corp.
140 Kisco Avenue
Mount Kisco NY 10549-1407

Tel.: 914-241-7080 Extensión 3
Fax: 914-241-2305

Antes de devolver quaisquer itens ou equipamentos, por favor, solicitar uma Autorização de Devolução (RA) por telefone: 914-241-7080 - serviço, ramal 3.



World Wide Sales Offices and USA Headquarters
Zumbach Electronics AG (H.Q.)
Hauptstrasse 93, CH-2552 Orpund Schweiz

Tel. +41 (0)32 356 04 00
Fax: +41 (0)32 356 04 30
E-mail_ sales@zumbach.ch

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