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In-line height and width measurement of profiles.
Very accurate readings, independant of position and twist

DVW 1 - Pivoting Support for ODAC® Laser Gauges

The Problem

Non-contact in-line measurement of profile shapes has always been a problem. Most optical systems using laser or CCD cameras measure the height of the shadow of the product that is subject to strong variations, if the product is not pefectly aligned with the laser beam.

A twist angle of 1° or less can already cause errors which are often larger than the specified product tolerance.

Most profiles, in particular steel, can not be guided absolutely parallel, due to their mechanical stiffness and due to required forces for guiding.

The Solution

The pivoting support DVW 1 is a simple accessory for some ODAC® laser head models used for such applications.

With the continuously pivoting motion of the laser heads combined with the electronic "minimal value detection" of the relevant dimension, the height (or thickness) will be measured very accurately in most cases.

The device needs no additional electronics. It is, together with the laser measuring head, directly powered and controlled by the respective processor unit.





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