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PROFILEMASTER® Горячая сталь - Решения

Measuring Principle

One or multiple lasers (depending on the number of modules) project a visible laser contour on or around the product and this is then registered by a similar number of CCD cameras (light section principle).

Measuring Functions

Most geometrical data of a profile can be collected and monitored on an operator-friendly graphic display during production.

Vernier Calipers Measurements

  • Calipers

Measurement of distance

  • Distance between: two points, point and line, point and arc, arc and line, two arcs, two lines

Angle Measurement

  • Angle between two lines

Arc Measurement

  • Radius of arc

Application Examples


Technical Specifications

Measuring units

Measuring field1)
Till 800 mm (31.5 in.) (bigger on request)

Measuring principle
Light section (Laser triangulation)

Light source
Laser diode red, class 3R

CCD matrix

Measuring accuracy
+/- 0.02...0.1 % of the measuring field size2)

+/- 0.005...0.01 mm2) (.0002 ... .0004 in.)

Protection class of the Laser / camera modules
IP 65


Operating system
Windows® XP embedded

Via Ethernet

Compact version
19" case 510 x 500 x 210 mm (4 HU3))(20.1 x 19.68 x 8.26 in.)

Standard version
Armario 19", 610 x 645 x 1790 mm (32 UA 3))

8 digital inputs

8 digital outputs or 4 digital inputs + 4 relay outputs

Power supply
115/230 V~, 50/60 Hz, 300 VA

Extra CAD 4 software to create the DXF file Directly on the PROFILEMASTER PC





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